The last thing you want to do when you're sick is leave the house.
Now, you don't have to.

Introducing Virtual Visit.  We can assess a wide array of ailments, develop a treatment plan, and prescribe medications with a brief, convenient and affordable video chat. Check out the FAQ section below to ensure a smooth process.

Conditions we treat through Virtual Visit


Cold sore

Cough and cold



Pink eye

Sinus infection

Skin conditions

Sore throat

Stomach upset

Urinary tract infection

Yeast infection

Other Virtual Visit Services

Prescribe –

Birth control (pill, ring, patch)

EpiPen refill

Erectile dysfunction medication

Hair loss medication

One-time medication refill

Smoking cessation medication

Travel medication


School / work note

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer Virtual Visit services weekdays from 5 – 10 PM and weekends from 7 AM – 10 PM, 365 days a year.

No, insurance will not cover the cost of the visit. However, our fee is often less than your insurance copay.

A licensed nurse practitioner.

Each case is unique. We’re committed to delivering safe, high-quality care and will spend the time necessary to accomplish just that! Typically, though visits are less than 10 minutes.

No. A smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer with a microphone and camera, and a reliable internet or cellular connection is all that’s needed.

Our online services are currently reserved for adults 18 and older. We plan to expand our online services to children in the future.